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What is MVDDS

Multi-Channel Video and Data Distribution Service

MVDDS is essentially Internet bandwidth, delivered to your door, wirelessly. 

MVDDS architecture is asymmetric in design, where the downstream channel/transponder has a much greater data rate than is available to the upstream channel (outside of the 12 GHz band). This asymmetric MVDDS network design is derived primarily from the asymmetric nature of Internet usage.

Consumer actions such as surfing the web send much more downstream data to the user as opposed to the user uploading data to the Internet. Mouse clicks for URL requests and e-mails are not bandwidth intensive in the upstream direction. Image files, streaming videos and audio files are bandwidth intensive in the downstream direction.

Spectrum is a globally finite, limited resource, which makes it important that it be allocated and shared as effectively as possible. The demand for spectrum is growing, and more companies and devices need spectrum in the same place.

MVDDS as a term was coined in the 98-206 proceeding before the FCC.

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