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Network Operations Center (NOC)

24/7 monitoring and control

All of the RSA systems are monitored and controlled from a central location in Florida. Here the NOC computers ensure all the individual pieces of the systems are operational and working as expected. All network aware components of every system are actively monitored out of the NOC. This is not a corner of an aggravated data center. The RSAccess NOC is a dedicated command center running monitoring and communications software 

Customers can reach the NOC at 888.487.4618

Dedicated NOC

RSAccess' network operations center or NOC is located in Stuart, Fl. RSA contract with the primary systems designers to run the NOC ensuring the most knowledge support available.


Command and Control

All of the main components of each of the RSAccess systems are accessible and configurable through the NOC using VPNs. 

Real Time Redundant Monitoring

These systems are monitored in real time. In addition, there are two remote connections to the sites. This means that a loss of one type of connectivity at the site does not mean the NOC is unable to reach the remote system. Everything is redundant.

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