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Multichannel Video and Data. Distribution Service - Now that is a mouthful - it is also a lot of bandwidth for underserved areas.
RSAccess has developed numerous innovative point-to-multipoint applications based on the MVDDS frequency and technology for our diverse customer base.  

Capturing Art
Communication Tower
Network Hub and Cable


MVDDS uses the 12.2 to 12.7 GHz spectrum band. This band is exclusively licensed in each geographic area ensuring no chance of interference into the MVDDS signal.

High speed

MVDDS has a large amount of Radio Frequency bandwidth. This ensures that MVDDS customers will enjoy among the highest speeds available for wireless data transmission.


RS Access' systems are designed by MDS America Inc, the only company with actual commercial MVDDS systems in the world. 

MDS America has been a pioneer in the MVDDS space since its inception in the 98-206 FCC proceeding that created the MVDDS service. 

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