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About Us


RS Access was founded in 2018 to acquire spectrum in the 12.2-12.7GHz band in the United States and to operate wireless networks serving a wide variety of constituents throughout our markets, which comprise approximately 15% of the US population.

Communication Tower


MDS Operations, an affiliate of MDS America, acquired MVDDS licenses in Auctions 53 in 2004 and 63 in 2005. In 2018, MDS Operations entered into a spectrum lease and related asset purchase agreement with RS Access (a company formed by V. Noah Campbell, a wireless industry entrepreneur and founder of Radio Spectrum Group, LLC) and MSD Capital, L.P. (“MSD Capital”).  MSD Capital is a private investment firm established in 1998 to exclusively manage capital for Michael Dell and his family. 

RSAccess turned to MDS America to ensure they had access to the only commercial MVDDS technology deployed.

RSAccess has invested significant capital and resources to deploy meaningful MVDDS - based network services that:
(1) serve a diverse base of users;
(2) possess a strong public interest focus; and
(3) are designed to succeed within the current regulatory and operational constraints that apply to MVDDS.

RSAccess’ service is designed to ensure that customers can affordably acquire MVDDS point-to-multipoint connections to augment existing network architectures. Thanks to its  proven MDSA point-to-multipoint design, RSAccess can easily scale its initial deployments with additional access points as demand grows and customer use increases.


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